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Executive Coaching

Helping leaders reach their highest level of personal and professional effectiveness

High-Potential Talent Development

Crafting multi-faceting development programs that ensure a robust pipeline for the next generation of organizational leaders

Leadership Transitions

Preparing leaders for their next big move and accelerating the value they add in the first 6-12 months

Executive Team Performance

Maximizing the impact of senior leadership teams on organizational performance



Strategic Visioning

Clarifying a teams purpose, value, and desired future

High Performance Teams

Establishing “rules of engagement” that increase a teams success in collaborating, resolving conflict, communicating, and working for a common purpose

Coaching and Communication

Building skills that facilitate on-going constructive feedback and two-way learning

Strengths-Based Development

Maximizing individual talent and building complementary partnerships

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Vision, Values and Brand

Facilitating renewal through a compelling vision and shared value proposition

Driving Engagement

Increasing employee commitment to the organization’s mission through best-practice management and team development principles

Change Management 

Navigating the complexity of organizational transitions through increased resilience, innovation, and agility

Diversity and Inclusion

Challenging unconscious bias in order to create an organization in which diverse perspectives and experiences thrive

Dr. Anne Harbison
Inspired by working with executives around the world through a successful career in management consulting and executive education, Dr. Anne Harbison founded JourneyLead Consulting to create transformational, customized leadership development experiences for clients passionate about making a difference in the world.
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 Client-Centered.  JourneyLead brings a wealth of experience, but we never assume we have the right solutions for you until we’ve listened deeply and understand your business, your vision, your needs.  You drive, we guide. 
 Customized Design.  No JourneyLead solution is a pre-packaged, off-the-shelf program.  Every experience is designed around your culture, your language, your leaders.  That is why JourneyLead experiences are so relevant and transformational.  We enter your world.
Collaborative Partnerships.  Being authentic, transparent, and collaborative are the hallmarks of the JourneyLead team. We help transform organizations by co-creating solutions with our clients, and bringing the best talent we know to the table in service of those goals.
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“JourneyLead took the time to understand our business at a deep level and built a custom learning experience that was amazingly targeted to exactly what we needed.  I was impressed by how quickly they were able to pinpoint areas that could really make the difference in our business and become part of our team.”

Lead of Global Trading Analytics, Cargill

“The evocative style coupled with a newly-energized and highly-engaged leadership team proved to be a great recipe for new awareness and commitments to create a positive impact with customers, internal business partnership and our organizational culture in general.”

VP of HR, Medtronic Advanced Energy

I highly recommend JourneyLead to anyone looking to make a significant, positive and profitable impact on the culture and engagement within their organization.”

VP of Marketing and HR, KleinBank



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