Any great talent – in sports, music, the arts or business – requires the best possible coaching, practice routines and support systems to achieve its full potential.  This is especially true for leaders striving to positively impact their organization.

At JourneyLead, we believe that leadership is not a formal title.  Instead, it’s a collection of behaviors, decisions and strategies that allow an entire organization to perform at its best.  Focusing on the C-Suite through Director-level positions, JourneyLead ensures that individual executives, as well as senior leadership teams, are optimally prepared to help their organization fully realize its potential.

JourneyLead equips leaders in:

  • Preparing for their first executive role
  • Increasing executive presence and communication abilities
  • Confronting blind spots that can limit their effectiveness
  • Increasing influence beyond their formal scope of authority
  • Mentoring the next generation of leaders
  • Living out their authentic values, purpose, and vision


Are you a group or a team?  Just because you are working on the same project doesn’t mean you have a shared vision, roles that are aligned, or a strategy for high performance.  Groups become teams only through building deep trust, leveraging their collective strengths, and engaging with one another with purpose and candor.

JourneyLead creates opportunities for leadership teams to come together for an entirely different level of conversation and collaboration.  We facilitate crucial conversations, help teams create “rules of engagement” in order to guide how they can operate most effectively, and provide methods for teams to critically reflect upon their strategies, performance, and long-term mission.

JourneyLead supports teams facing challenges in:

  • Fully leveraging diverse background, thinking styles, and talent
  • Building effective communication across geographies, business units, and functions
  • Engaging in crucial conversations that deepen trust, transparency, and common purpose
  • Breaking down silos in order to strengthen cross-functional alignment and collaboration
  • Defining “Rules of Engagement” in order to guide team interactions and maximize performance


It’s been said that culture eats strategy for lunch (and leaders for breakfast).  Any senior leader knows that the best market analysis, strategic positioning, and capital assets are doomed if the organizational culture is one of disengagement, distrust, or toxic behaviors.  Or perhaps your culture is a stable one, but has yet to fully realize its human capital potential by truly inspiring its employees and creating a deep commitment to the company mission.

JourneyLead looks at leadership holistically – from the individual, to teams, to the entire organizational culture.  Starting with the premise that an organization must embrace a compelling vision that creates true value for its employees, customers and communities, JourneyLead identifies company-wide strategies for bringing that vision to life.  In the process, old mental models that may be limiting innovation, diversity, and transparency are challenged, making way for new organizational norms that support an inclusive culture in which the best ideas and talent can thrive.

JourneyLead creates greater engagement by:

  • Clarifying the organization’s vision, values, and purpose
  • Creating an inclusive culture in which all voices and talents can fully contribute
  • Removing barriers to collaboration and innovation
  • Building a strategic leadership talent pipeline
  • Navigating complexity and ongoing change



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