Because we have more than a hammer in our toolkit, we don’t assume that every problem is a nail.  Digging deeply into what an organization really wants – and what is holding it back – allows us to provide the most tailored, impactful, and sustainable solutions for the long-run.

Guided by the principles of “appreciative inquiry” – a proven methodology for organizational transformation – the JourneyLead team collaborates with our clients to DISCOVER what’s really going on, DREAM about what is possible, DESIGN the most creative and powerful solutions, and DELIVER with excellence.


DISCOVER:  You don’t know what you don’t know

What’s driving the current state?  How do people really feel about the business, the culture, their leaders?   What experience are you creating for your customers?  How do key stakeholders really see things?  And what does success look like?

It’s difficult – if not impossible – for leaders and organizations to clearly see themselves without someone else holding up the mirror.  Providing objective, confidential, and expert listening methods, the JourneyLead team helps uncover the “competing commitments” that are keeping leaders and organizations from reaching their full potential.

DREAM: Start with “why?”

We always start with potential, not problems. What is the larger purpose that the organization and/or leader is serving? If all barriers were removed, what impact would you ultimately want to have? What would it take to be the best in the world at what you do? What would you have to “unlearn” or “undo” to make that possible?

It’s critical to think big about creating what could be before getting tactical about fixing what is. JourneyLead brings creative and powerfully engaging methods for getting people to envision and articulate the desired future state. The result is a clear picture of what success looks like and true ownership and excitement within the organization about the change they will collectively bring to life.

DESIGN: Create experiences, not events

Our design process focuses on creating multiple experiences that challenge thinking, ignite powerful conversations, and reinforce learning in and out of the “classroom.”  Leaders will have a strategy for learning, not just a program to launch.

JourneyLead brings its world-class thought-leaders and resources to the table as we design the best solution for you.  Mentoring, conflict resolution, change management, executive presence, strategic vision, powerful communication, breaking down silos – whatever the learning need may be, we can provide the most relevant and trusted subject-matter experts to become part of the solution.

DELIVER: Engage heads, hearts, and hands

Whatever discovery, dreaming or design has occurred, delivery is where the rubber meets in the road in transforming individuals, teams and entire organizations.  More than thought-leaders, consultants or designers, the JourneyLead team members are educators at heart.  As facilitators, coaches, and faculty, we care more about the learning than the teaching.  And we deliver every learning experience with excellence.

  • Deep-dive “learning labs”

  • Expert facilitation

  • Team sessions

  • Workshops and keynotes

  • Action learning projects

  • Mentoring/coaching networks

  • Webinars

  • Train-the-trainer

” [JourneyLead provided] a fantastic learning experience. The session provided the perfect blend between teamwork, individual reflection, intellectual challenge and learning by doing.”

” JourneyLead is led by a highly talented leadership strategist who has incredible presence and is agile in any client environment. You are not just getting a ‘presenter’ but a cultural anthropologist who is able to transfer leadership theory to practice.”



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