Serving our clients on their journey to realize their full potential is a privilege.  Seeing them make tangible, sustainable changes in mindset, behaviors, and strategy is how we measure our success.  While every client’s circumstances are unique, all leaders face the challenge of capturing the hearts and minds of their employees and customers.

Here are a few examples of how JourneyLead has helped forge new paths for transformational learning and organizational impact.



Re-engaging employees in a regional bank in order to re-engage their customers and the communities they serve.



Analyzing quantitative and qualitative data on employee engagement, JourneyLead helped identify the organizational dynamics that were creating silos between the corporate and field offices and keeping front-line employees from fully connecting with their customers.  In full partnership with the senior leadership and a cross-department “champions” group, JourneyLead helped launch a company-wide initiative that fostered a clear understanding for all employees of individual strengths, roles and value to the company, customers and community.




One year later, the bank showed a 30+% increase in confidence in company leaders and the future direction of the organization.  A common language, strategy, and set of learning tools had been integrated into the company’s intranet, on-boarding and training efforts, and communications and planning sessions.  These efforts created a sustainable platform for building a culture of engagement.  The bank is continuing on its journey of strengthening workplace culture and extending its community outreach, entering the next phase of organizational renewal.




“JourneyLead understood the linkage between employee engagement and how it positively impacts customer engagement and revenue generation.  JourneyLead became part of our culture and ‘one of us’ very quickly, melding into our world and getting to know who we really are.  The excitement that was generated through the JourneyLead learning experience was monumental.

A year later, conversations are continuously happening about how we can leverage each other’s talents.  Now it’s about our employees anticipating the needs and offering more than what the customer asked for; it’s going above and beyond.”

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Human Resources Officer



“I didn’t realize I could get more engaged than I was…but I am!  I’m recommitted to the mission, driving organizational change and accelerating meaningful conversations.”

“I’m learning with greater clarity and confidence the direction I need to go to better impact the organization.”

“It was awe-inspiring and deeply moving – I’m sure I speak for all of us on that score!”

“I learned more about the members of my team and boss than I would have every imagined possible in such a short timeframe”

“It truly was a special and transformational session for us!”


A Global Trading Analytics group wanting to challenge biases and assumptions to provide more valuable insights to the business.




In partnership with the client, JourneyLead crafted an intensive “Driving to Insights” immersion experience, which took place over three days in the Redwood Forest.  Through outdoor challenges, cross-cultural simulations, case studies, and learnings on the latest research being done around decision-making, bias and assumption, 36 participants from six continents achieved break-though insights into how they can increase the quality of their work and their interaction with their internal trading customers.




As one participant reports, “As a result of this experience, we’re reaching out to traders to discuss what they really want, how best to effectively work together and how our Analytics group can deliver actionable information.”  To continue the effectiveness of the Analyst-Trader partnerships, international Trading leaders will be experiencing the same curriculum to identify their own biases, risk-appetite, and ability to challenge common market assumptions.  Breaking down the “us” and “them” mentality, the entire organization is committed to a partnership approach throughout the entire analysis, decision-making, and execution phases of trading.


“Our business is quite complex and covers a wide international geography.  I was extremely impressed by how quickly JourneyLead was able to pinpoint the focus areas that could really make the difference to our business.  During the training session, it was great to see how well they incorporated with our group.  It felt like they were part of our team and not an outside group pretending to understand what we needed.” 

Lead of Global Trading Analytics





A high potential talent needing to accelerate leadership readiness for a challenging new assignment.




Building on the natural talents that distinguished her from other leaders, JourneyLead guided an in-depth process of clarifying professional goals, identifying a strategic focus, and delivering powerful communication through enhanced executive presence.  Focusing on a compelling long-term vision for the function, the leader was able to leverage her JourneyLead executive coaching to immediately bring increased value to her customers and the broader organization.




Fifteen months later, her organization has increased its enrollment in global programs and introduced two new global Training Academies that are reaching seven business platforms across the world.  And the leader is not the only one thriving.  Engaging JourneyLead to focus on her own team, she has coached them herself so that they are also ready for positions of greater responsibility and organizational contribution.




“I would have never had the confidence and clarity to take on new challenges so effectively if I had not invested in my own development with JourneyLead.  I hit the ground running and was immediately able to raise the bar in what our department delivered to the organization.  Most importantly, I have a vision of what I can accomplish, not just in this role, but over the course of a fulfilling career.”

Commercial and Leadership Portfolio Global Lead



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