Turning a “Maybe Yes” into a “Hell No!”

Once a leader asked me to serve on a volunteer committee, and my immediate response was "Hell No!" I was already overcommitted with work and family and knew with absolute certainty that I couldn't handle anything else on my plate. The leader laughed and said, "Well, I'd rather have a 'hell no' than a 'maybe yes'." This week I'd like for you to look out for parts of your life where you are a 'maybe yes.' These may be obligations that grew out of scope-creep in ... Read more

Highways and Byways

What if your most challenging task became quick, easy and fun? When I was a doctoral student, I labored for years to finish my dissertation.  I thrived during the coursework and teaching, but sitting alone with research notes and a blank computer screen became the bane of my existence for several years. I was frustrated, drained, and quickly losing confidence in myself. In fact, at one point, I decided it may just be time to call it quits, even though I had invested ... Read more

Everything I’ve Learned about Communication in Three Bullet Points

I’m a communications junkie. I majored in Speech Comm in college, competed in National Collegiate Forensics, played preacher instead of house as a kid. I make my living coaching, teaching, facilitating, advising, moderating, interviewing, keynoting. Plop me down in almost any setting, audience, or topic and I can probably make it work. Writing, not so much (more on that in the next blog).  But speaking – that’s my sweet spot. “Have an attention-getter, a thesis, three points, evidence and stories” may be ... Read more

Introducing Journey Sherpa

  So glad you're checking us out.  We hope you'll follow along on our journey. Who This Blog is For… If you’re reading this first blog post, chances are you are a client, a friend, a leadership development colleague, or someone who’s been in an LLS experience in the past. You may be a learning and development professional – a coach, facilitator, educator, instructional designer.  You may be a leader – developing a strategic vision, guiding organizational change, building a talent pipeline.  You may be ... Read more